July 22, 2011

UK Student Leader Endorses Campus Ombuds Programs

Liam Burns, who was elected earlier this month as President of the National Union of Students, says that university students in the United Kingdom need better conflict resolution systems. Among other remedies, he explicitly endorses campus Ombuds as a resource for early conflict resolution. His remarks come in response to increases in UK tuition rates and complaints from students to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

Liam Burns, the new president of the National Union of Students, believes a three-month time limit should be set on resolving complaints, while institutions should also introduce a campus ombudsman in order to mediate disputes at a lower level. "Dealing with disputes with universities can be a distressing and time-consuming process for students that can have negative consequences on their education," Mr Burns says.

"Where universities are currently not good enough at dealing with complaints, both the institution and the student have to waste time and effort, ultimately resulting in poorer graduates and a waste of public money."

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