July 28, 2011

Students Report Closure of Southern University Ombuds Office

Students at Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, LA are tweeting that the Ombuds Office has been closed.  If true, the SUBR Ombuds Office will have closed less than two years after opening.

Late on Wednesday, Bren T (@BrenTaughtYou) tweeted, "Dammmnnn they closed the Ombuds Office." This news seemed to be confirmed by another student, Shanice Ciro (@beauTALLful) who later tweeted, "R.I.p. Ombuds office :(." There are no details available from the University.

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Update 3:00 pm (PDT): SUBR's Student Government Association (@subr_sga) tweets: "The Office of the Ombuds is still open to assist students; Ms. De'Van Stephenson is the contact person at 225.771.4480."

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  1. Is IOA keeping track of closures? Any efforts being made by IOA to intervene and exert some positive influence over institutions before, during or after closure of an office?