June 28, 2012

Higher Ed Ombuds Blogger Finds Silver Lining in UVA Resintatement

The latest post at the Higher Ed Ombuds Blog finds reason for optimism in the ouster and reinstatement of University of Virginia President, Teresa Sullivan. Sure, the decision by the Board could be characterized as purely political, "a face-saving measure to preserve the prestige of this public ivy." But the blogger offers a more positive view that the board was responsive to feedback from stakeholders. 

Despite the damage the debacle at UVA may have done over the past two weeks, I think the benefits began to emerge at yesterday’s meeting— the board made its point about the necessity for change; the university community made its point about the need to embrace fully the concept of shared governance; and the president made her point about the difference between academic and corporate leadership. All the voices were heard: a shift symbolized by the resounding cheer from the crowd that echoed inside the board room. 

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  1. This gets me thinking...Maybe we should be giving the occasional positive upward feedback.
    -Angry Ombuds