June 05, 2012

Job Posting: Education Corporation of America

The privately-held company that operates proprietary colleges is hiring a Manager - Student Ombudsman in Birmingham, AL. The position serves as "the designated neutral or impartial dispute resolution practitioner whose major function is to provide confidential and informal assistance to constituents of the College community. In the performance of the duties, this position provides support, guidance and direction to identify and communicate opportunities for systemic improvements through operational, functional and quality assurance audits." 

Applicants must have at least an AA degree with 3 years of combined work experience (at least one year of recent experience in a campus department within the College or at a for-profit institution). No salary or application deadline indicated. (ECA Jobs.)

1 comment:

  1. Qualifications seem unusually low for what should be an important position that requires nuanced professionalism.

    Just sayin...

    -Angry Ombuds