June 14, 2012

IOA Adds Course to July Training Program

The International Ombudsman Association has added a program to its professional training in Florida next month: "Mediation and Ombudsing-Complementary Processes." The one-day course will be offered on Friday, July 20, 2012, and will be taught by Camilo Azcarate, Manager of Mediation Services at The World Bank Group, and Melissa Brodrick, Ombudsman at Harvard Medical School.

This course will introduce the way in which mediation and ombudsman practices can complement each other. Instructors will examine the implications of conducting mediations within an ombuds office and how ombuds offices may effectively work with internal mediation services in organizations. Instructors will cover basic principles and common standards of practice of mediation and the IOA standards of practice for ombudsmen, provide a practical demonstration and facilitate participant role-plays. A final discussion on “best practices” regarding the interaction between the two services will be facilitated by the instructors. Course participants should have a basic knowledge of both ombuds and mediation practices in advance of the class. While the class can help practicing ombuds to better understand mediation and mediation programs, it will not serve as mediation training in itself.

Other courses being offered in Florida include:
  • Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice (formerly Organizational Ombudsman 101) - July 16-18 
  • Organizational Ombudsman Knowledge and Skills Series: Working with Visitors and Respondents - July 16-18 
  • Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice-The Next Step for New or Growing Programs (formerly Organizational Ombudsman 101 PLUS) - July 18 
  • Specialized Course: Examining Professional Ethical Dilemmas in Organizational Ombudsman Practice - July 19 
Priority registration closes June 15, 2012. (IOA Summer 2012 Training Info.)

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