April 05, 2013

Faculty and Students Support Expansion of Brown University Ombuds Office

The Faculty Executive Committee and Graduate Student Counsel recently and separately voted in support of increasing the University Ombudsperson position to full-time and expand access for students and some employees starting in 2014. The current Ombuds, Ruth Rosenberg, was hired in 2012 to a half-time appointment providing services only to faculty and post-doctoral students.

Brown unionized staffers were not included in the proposal because FEC members felt that they did not require Ombuds services.  Karen McAninch, a local union representative, said that her union did not understand the rationale to preclude the Ombuds from working with the 20 to 25 percent of University employees who are unionized. “It would seem on face value that there’s no reason why union employees should be excluded,” McAninch said.  The proposal will next be considered by the full faculty, provost and president.  (Brown Daily Herald.)

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