April 05, 2013

University of Massachusetts Amherst Ombuds Publishes 2012 Annual Report

Catharine Porter, the UMass University Ombudsperson reports that a significant increase in visitors to her office during the 2011-12 academic year. Over that period, the office received a total of 618 visitors -- a 32% increase. Increases were seen in all visitor categories with the most notable increases in graduate students (60%) and parents (63%).

The report reiterated that the UMass Amherst Ombuds is a confidential resource for visitors with sexual harassment concerns:
With respect to the issue of sexual harassment, confidential discussion is available in the Ombuds Office as to the nature of sexual harassment and the University policy that addresses it. After an informal discussion, an individual who con cludes that he/she has been subjected to sexual harassment would be referred to an appropriate University reporting point to place the University on notice.
The report thanked the Faculty Senate and Trustees for their efforts to preserve the structural integrity and autonomy of the office. Martha Patrick is the Assistant University Ombudsperson.  (UMass Amherst Ombuds 2012 Report.)

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