April 14, 2013

No Ombuds in Yale's Future

An article in the Yale Daily News highlights the fact that, unlike most Ivies, Yale University lacks an Ombuds.  Although Merle Waxman has effectively served as the Ombudsperson for the School of Medicine since 1992, Yale President Richard Levin says that there are no plans to establish a university-wide Ombuds program. “There’s no strong prejudice against it. It just seemed like we had many avenues available,” Levin said. “I doubt that’s one of the issues I’ll take up in the last 11 weeks.”  Levin is set to step down in June

The article points out that, with Brown University currently considering a campuswide Ombuds, Yale and Dartmouth would be the only two Ivy League schools without an Ombuds for students. (Yale Daily News.)

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