August 14, 2013

Amtgard Creates Ombuds for Players

The international organization dedicated to medieval and fantasy battle gaming and live-action fantasy roleplaying has established an Ombudsman program following IOA standards. In July 2013, the governing board, the Circle of Monarchs, approved the plan and appointed a player named Sir Goldcrest to the position. 

According to an announcement from Amtgard, the Ombuds is: 
a point of contact to address those issues affecting the player’s enjoyment of Amtgard that require confidentiality and/or are beyond the scope of their local officials to handle. The Ombudsman is empowered to investigate and assist with the resolution of said issues by working with the appropriate level of existing Amtgard authority. Specifically this should address sexual harassment, aggressive physical contact outside of the bounds of normal play and inappropriate relationships between adults and minors. 
(Amtgard News.)

Amtgard players are not usually identified by their real (mundane) names.  

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