August 02, 2013

IOA Announces 2013 Writing Competition Winner

Zach Ulrich, an IOA student affiliate member, has been selected the winner of the International Ombudsman Association's 2013 Writing Competition for his entry, "Reconsidering the Neutrality and Impartiality Standard: A Multidisciplinary Analysis.” 

A paper submitted by Kathy Biala, Principal of Milestone MMA, “A Simple Methodology for Increasing Visibility and Capturing Organizational Ombuds Worth,” earned an honorable mention. Both articles will eventually be accessible on the IOA web site. 

According to the competition's organizer, Andrew Larratt-Smith, the purpose of the IOA Writing Competition is to invite academic attention and partnerships from alternative dispute resolution programs, inject fresh insight into the field, and cultivate talent in the next generation of Organizational Ombuds. (IOA News.) 

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