August 13, 2013

Ontario Waldorf School Creates Ombuds Program

Mulberry Waldorf School in Kingston, ON, an independent elementary school that is part of the humanistic, global education movement, has appointed Anja Troje to serves as its first Ombudsperson. The new Ombuds will "support and guide members of the school community in conflicts when direct communication between the people involved has failed or seems impossible." Her services are confidential.
A website for the new office explains:
The ombudsperson listens to complaints and brainstorms with parents about possible solutions in an informal way. In some cases, this may be enough for the parents to carry out the next steps by themselves. If not, the ombudsperson could suggest other measures that may lead to an acceptable agreement. These may include meetings with a teacher/the faculty chair or another person from outside the school like a counsellor or an adviser on a specific topic. The ombudsperson could also be present in a meeting with the teacher and faculty chair as a witness and source of support.
Troje is former board member and alumni parent. She was trained as a medical doctor in Germany and completed a PhD in Psychiatry. Troje has also studied and practiced homeopathy since 1985. (Mulberry Ombuds; Troje Profile.)

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