August 12, 2013

Job Posting: Parks Canada

The agency that protects and promotes Canada's natural and cultural heritage sites is hiring an Advisor to work in its Centre for Values and Ethics. The position reports directly to the Ombudsman and provides agency employees with independent, confidential, impartial and personalized services for work-related concerns. In addition, the Advisor is responsible for providing Informal Conflict Management and Organizational Ombudsman services in English unilingual regions.

The position is open to residents of Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad. Applicants must had a university degree in related a field and at least 150 hours of conflict resolution training, including 75 hours of mediation training.  "Bilingualism is required for liaison purpose with colleagues in regions with different linguistic status."  The position pays $84,920 to $91,612 (CDN). (Recruit CA.)

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