December 10, 2013

CERN Ombuds on Ethics and Compassion

In a recent newsletter article, Vincent Vuillemi, the Ombuds at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, explores the role of ethics and compassion and their relationship to management and leadership.

He writes:
Ethics and compassion find their source within us. Only if we are filled with good ethics can we spread it to those around us. Only if we understand compassion - creating our own world in which we can live joyfully – can we spread compassion and create a work ambiance where everyone is recognized and is eager to perform with maximum efficiency. Ethics and compassion should never be considered weaknesses, but rather as essential elements for providing a working environment favourable to the best effectiveness. [¶]  So, to achieve excellence in our working relationships, which goes hand in hand with scientific and administrative excellence in our laboratory, we have to start with ourselves.
He offers his office a place for lab members to discuss these and other issues confidentially. (CERN Bulletin.)

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