December 17, 2014

Job Posting: Department of Energy

The department responsible for U.S. energy and nuclear safety policies is hiring two Associate Ombudsmen. The positions are based in the DOE Office of the Ombudsman in Washington, DC, and serve all DOE federal employees, world-wide. The positions are open only to current DOE employees.

The GS 15 position pays $124,995.00 to $157,100 per year and applications are due by December 29, 2014. (Federal Govt. Jobs.)


  1. Why would anyone limit the scope so narrow (open to hq employees only) that it excludes hundreds of highly skilled, professional ombuds, including about a hundred who are certified ombuds by an internationally recognized accrediting body? If they have someone in mind, don't waste our tax dollars going through a sham process. Things like this negatively impact perceptions of trust and integrity. How well did DOE do in Near the bottom of mid-size agencies. When you give everyone an opportunity and are truly dedicated to meritocracy, everyone wins.