December 02, 2015

Brandeis University to Create Ombuds Office

In response to student protests regarding diversity on campus, the private university in Massachusetts has agreed to appoint a campus Ombudsperson. Students occupied the school's administration building for nearly two weeks and had issued a list of 13 demands seeking to address the unfair treatment of minorities in higher education. The ninth item demanded by the Brandeis students was for an Office of Ombuds. On Tuesday, Interim President Lisa M. Lynch, released a letter detailing measures the students found acceptable. 

In particular, Lynch's letter stated: 
Until the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion is appointed, a staff member reporting to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs will be identified to serve as an independent, neutral and confidential resource for students to discuss their academic issues and concerns. This person will serve as an interim student ombudsperson until such time that the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion establishes a structure for a campus ombudsperson/informal dispute resolution role. 
Further details regarding the new Ombuds have not been made public.  (Twitter @AmarisGarcia12; Brandeis President's Letter; Boston Globe.)

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