December 08, 2015

Cal Caucus Publishes 2015 Journal

The third on-line edition journal from the California Caucus of College and University Ombuds features articles by Tom Sebok, looking back on his 25-year Ombuds career, and by Dusty Farnard, who ran into problems opening an Ombuds office at a large university.

Here's a complete table of contents:

  • Letter from the EditorsLisa Neale and Brent Epperson 
  • Pete Small Award Recipient - Valerie White 
  • Article: "Reflections of a Last Year Ombudsman" - Tom Sebok 
  • Article: "Challenges and Successes: Starting an Ombuds Office in Troubled Waters" - Dusty Bates Farnard 
  • Case Study [forthcoming] 
  • Book Review: Bernard Mayer's Conflict Paradox: Seven Dilemmas at the Core of Disputes [forthcoming] 
  • Op-Ed: "To Mitigate Title IX Risks, Designate Campus Ombuds as Confidential Resources" - Jessica Kuchta-Miller 
  • Conference Summaries
    • "A Restorative Justice Approach to Rebuild Civility and Respect on Campus" - Tom Sebok and Natalie Sharpe 
    • "Campus Conflict, Cognitive Dissonance Theory and the Ombuds: Or, How Might This Psychological Mechanism Play out in Issues Presented by our Visitors" - Tina Feiger 
    • "Why Dignity Matters: Considering its Influence in Thorny Matters" - Valerie Craigwell White 
    • "A Scandinavian Tale" - Marianne Høva Rustberggard 
    • "Why We Do What We Do: Influences on Ombuds Practices" - Lisa Witzler 
    • "Ombuds in Higher Ed: Our Differences and Similarities" - Jenna Brown 
(Cal Caucus Journal 2015.)

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