January 06, 2016

UC Merced Announces New Ombuds

The University of California in Merced has appointed Callale Concon as the new campus Ombuds, effective January 12.  Callale is one of UC Merced's founding staff members, and is currently the Graduate Division’s assistant dean.
Concon graduated from California State University Stanislaus and earned a master's in Higher Education/Higher Education Administration from Cal State Sacramento.  She will report to De Acker, Director of the Office of Campus Climate and the former UC Merced Ombuds.  (LinkedIn.)

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  1. Interesting reporting structure. Is this type of arrangement common/recommended?

  2. Generally speaking, each organization is likely to have its own reporting structure depending on the organizational structures, cultures, needs,...etc. The fundamental question is whether such reporting structure can function effectively in providing upward feedback and maintaining (perceived and actual) independence and confidentiality.

    To my knowledge, this reporting structure is not common in higher education institutions. However, the functionality and effectiveness of this new reporting structure await to be seen.