January 27, 2016

IOA Posts Agenda, Opens Registration for 2016 Annual Conference

The International Ombudsman Association's eleventh annual meeting will take place April 10-13 at the Westin Seattle.  Here's an overview of this year's agenda:

Monday, April 11

Continental Breakfast for All Conference Attendees
Conference Welcome and Opening Remarks
Mary Rowe Honorary Keynote Address: Reimagining the Role of the Organizational Ombuds, presented by Wayne Blair
Plenary: Over Fifty Years of Fairness: A Canadian Perspective on Fairness, presented by Andrew Larratt-Smith, Shirley Nakata, Nora Farrell, Tim Denison and Mary McFadyen
Session with the IOA Board
Volunteer Recognition Luncheon for All Conference Attendees
Concurrent Session 1
1.    Effective Outreach:, A New Model for Delivering Training Effectively, presented by Julie Showers and Jan Morse
2.   How Prison Helped Prepare Me to Be an Ombuds, presented by Tyler Smith
3.   Opening an Ombuds Office From the Ground Up and, Beyond — The North Carolina State Faculty Ombuds Office, presented by Roy Baroff
4.   Title IX and the Role of the Ombudsman, presented by Karey Barnes and Olga Moran
5.   Yea, Nay, and Everything in Between: Disparities Within the Academic Ombuds Field, presented by Tessa Byer
6.   Tough Cases, presented by Francine Montemurro, Doris Campos-Infantino, Thomas Zgambo and Howard Gadlin
Concurrent Session 2
7.   Friendly, Friend, or More? Ombudsperson, Relationships in the Workplace, presented by Sarah Klaper
8.   Happiness Interventions in the Workplace, presented by Vikram Kapoor, Arthur Pearlstein and Daniel Ellenberg
9.   “Wanna Be” an Ombudsperson?, presented by Dawn Miller Sander and Laurelyn Irving
10. The Ombuds Wellness Workshop, presented by Nancy Deering and Mindy Eaves
11. Ombuds United States Legal Update, presented by Charles Howard and Caroline Adams
12. New Research on Ombuds Offices: Findings and Guidance, presented by Timothy Hedeen, Joyce De-Graft Acquah and Mary Rowe

Tuesday, April 12

Meeting of CO-OP® Certified Practitioners
Continental Breakfast for All Conference Attendees
Keynote Address: Paradoxes of Conflict: How We Think About Disputes and How It Gets in Our Way, presented by Bernie Mayer
Sector Networking Break
IOA Annual Business Meeting (IOA members only)
Networking Lunch for All Conference Attendees/
Lunch for Ombudsmen New to the Profession and First Time Attendees RSVP Required
Concurrent Session 3
13. Cultivating Conflict Resolution Competency:, Piloting Student Conflict Resolution Ambassador Programs, presented by Katherine Greenwood and Lisa Nelson
14. Dare to Say Yes! Adding Value While Following Ethical Principles, presented by Bonnie Bonnivier, Melanie Lewis, Arianna Gazis, Josie Stiles and Michael Mayer
15. Outreach Initiatives of the ABA Ombuds Committee, presented by Charles Howard, Caroline Adams, Randy Williams and Jonathan Stier
16. Embracing Ombuds’ Side Effects: Enhancing Outcomes With What You Have, presented by Brittany Linton and Sean Banks
17. What Would You Do? Navigating Ethical Principle Dilemmas, presented by Dolores Gomez-Moran, Lynn Chaillat, Melissa Connell, Donna Douglas Williams and Mary Beth Stevens
18. Paradoxes in Practice: A Clinic on the Paradoxical Approach to Conflict Intervention, presented by Bernie Mayer, Jan Morse, Jim Wohl and Howard Gadlin
Concurrent Session 4
19. Adding Circle Processes to Your Repertoire, presented by Laurelyn Irving and Dawn Miller Sander
20. Going Viral: The Ombuds Office in a Virtual Society, presented by Anamaris Cousins Price, Charmhee Kim and Ronnie Thomson
21. Emotional Intelligence and Diversity: Tools for Developing Inclusion and Engagement, presented by Anita Rowe, Lee Gardenswartz, and Jorge Cherbosque
22. Ombuds as Researcher, presented by Lisa Witzler, Shereen Bingham, Tyler Smith and Jessica Kuchta-Miller
23. Wielding Discipline: Organizational Strength or Shortsighted Action?, presented by David Michael and Karen Dean
24. Culture, Fairness and the Brain: Model for Effective Conflict Engagement, presented by Shirley Nakata
Networking Break
Pecha Kucha Cocktail Hour Facilitated by Nicholas Diehl and Howard Gadlin

Wednesday, April 13

Continental Breakfast for All Conference Attendees
Keynote Address: Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings: A Farewell Talk in Three Parts, presented by Howard Gadlin
Networking Break
Plenary: Un-debate: Exploring Our Guiding Principles, moderated by Doris Campos-Infantino; Panelists: Kirsi Aulin, Lisa Witzler and Toni Robinson
Networking Lunch for All Conference Attendees
Concurrent Session 5
25. Claiming Our Seat at the Table by Going Beyond “Upward Feedback,” presented by Wayne Blair
26. A Transgender Primer for the Ombuds, presented by Michael Steinberg
27. Ombuds Data 2.0: Influencing Your Stakeholders, presented by Jackie Osborne, Melanie Lewis, Mim Gaetano, Tim Shore and Beatriz Dale
28. Finding Strength: Helping Foster Resiliency Amongst Visitors, presented by Brittany Linton
29. Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Contingent Faculty, presented by Eugene Moan
30. The Cowboy Ombudsman, presented by Rick Anderson
Networking Break
Concurrent Session 6
31. Addressing Abrasive Behavior: A Systems Approach, presented by Jan Morse
32. Emotional Intelligence: You Can’t Ombuds Without It!, presented by Tom Ward and Susan Casino
33. Expanding the Impact of Your Ombuds Office, presented by Tom Barnette, Eric Mayo, Nikolai Pankratiev and Steven Cordery
34. Short and Sweet: Applying Solution-Focused Brief, Therapy to Ombuds Practice, presented by Emma Williams
35. Dual Roles and Dueling Responsibilities: The Faculty Member as Ombuds, presented by Jim Wohl, Timothy Hedeen and Bruce Auerbach
36. The Rise in Bullying in the Context of Organizational Change, presented by Fred Wright
Final Remarks/Conclusion of Conference

Registration is now open, with an early bird deadline of February 23.  (IOA 2016 Conf Info.)

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