September 14, 2017

Journal of IOA: Ombudsing in the New Era

The latest article published by the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association examines how Ombuds are adapting to recent changes in the social and political climate.  "Ombudsing in the New Era" was written by Shannon Lynn Burton, the Associate University Ombuds at Michigan State.

Here's the abstract of the article:

Many ombuds offices arose in times of unrest, incivility, and questions about individual rights and responsibilities. Today is no different. As ombuds enter an era where individuals seem to be losing the ability to dialogue, this article examines how ombuds might lead the way in reestablishing connection among individuals and groups. Through the lens of Planned Happenstance Theory, it argues that the history of the profession uniquely positions ombuds to take action. Additionally, in an effort to urge others to critically reflect on that notion, the article provides resources with the hope that ombuds will engage and explore them to inform how they might move forward.
(JIOA Article.)
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