November 30, 2017

University of Michigan School of Nursing Names Faculty Ombuds

Janis Miller will be the next Faculty Ombuds for the UM School of Nursing. Miller is a professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. According to a news release, the Dean of the School hopes that the appointment will boost usage of the Ombuds office and contribute to an improvement in the school's culture. 

“This role is designed to provide support to and protect our faculty,” said Miller. “It’s designed for the small voice to be heard. An institution needs to hear all voices to function properly. I also hope the office can be used actively enough so the small issues don’t become big issues.” Miller graduated from Goshen College, and earned a MSN at Loyola University of Chicago and a PhD in Gerontology at the University of Michigan. (UM Nursing News; UM Nursing Profile.)

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