November 02, 2017

Video Introduces UC Santa Barbara Ombuds

Three of the members of the UCSB Ombuds Office (Campus Ombuds Caroline Adams, Associate Ombuds Michael Steinberg, and Assistant Ombuds Shauna Shea) left their office to ask students: "What is an Ombuds?"  The answers are sometimes amusing and give the Ombuds a chance to explain their role.

The video seems inspired by Wake Technical Community College's Ombuds, Jerry Nuesell, who did something similar earlier this year.(YouTube.)

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  1. Caroline Adams11/03/2017 10:06 AM

    The UCSB Office of the Ombuds sends its apologies for the unintentional pre-release of this video still in production. Please feel free to view it soon when we launch our new improved website.