February 13, 2018

Syracuse University Unveils Ombuds Program

Syracuse Chancellor Kent Syverud has appointed Samuel Clemence as the university's first Ombuds. Clemence is a professor emeritus of civil and environmental engineering and will serve in an interim capacity until a search committee identifies a permanent Ombuds. Several campus groups have advocated for the creation of an Ombuds program over the past several years. The new Ombuds office already has a charter agreement that adopts and incorporates IOA standards.

“Creating an Office of the University Ombuds that functions independently of regular institutional channels is an important step toward further promoting a respectful and ethical campus workplace,” says Chancellor Syverud. “When faculty, staff or graduate students visit the office to air a concern or question a policy, they can do so knowing it will be treated with complete confidentiality. I am grateful to Dr. Clemence for agreeing to step up as interim while the search process takes its course.” 

Clemence has been a member of the Syracuse faculty for over four decades. His academic work focused on geotechnical engineering, soils and foundation design, and history of technology. He has received several teaching and professional honors, and has numerous publications. In addition, he has served as the Interim Dean of Hendricks Chapel. (Syracuse News; Bio; Charter.)

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  1. So undergrads--one of the groups that protested for an Ombuds--are still out of luck.
    -Angry Ombuds