February 15, 2018

IOA Announces New Board Members for 2018

The International Ombudsman Association has announced the results of the annual election for its 2018 Board of Directors. Beginning April 24, following the Annual Business Meeting, seven new directors will join the IOA Board. The following individuals were elected to three-year terms:

  • Roy Baroff CO-OP (North Carolina State University);
  • Ruthy Kohorn Rosenberg (Brown University);
  • Jessica Kuchta-Miller CO-OP (Washington University in St. Louis);
  • Sana Manjeshwar CO-OP (Chevron);
  • Reese Ramos CO-OP (Sandia National Laboratories); and
  • Elaine Shaw (Pfizer).
The board also appointed one candidate to a two-year term to fill a vacancy left by the early resignation of Charmhee Kim:
  • Ronnie Thomson (Halliburton).
Officers for the 2018 IOA board will be announced at the annual conference..

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