March 22, 2018

Open Letter from Michigan State University Ombuds: Trust Us During Troubled Times

The MSU community has been roiled by the Larry Nassar scandal and the administration continues to struggle with its response. In response, the campus Ombuds, Robert A. Caldwell and Shannon Lynn Burton, published a letter, reminding the community that they are a trustworthy resource for addressing concerns.

Here's a clip:
We are living through troubling times at Michigan State University. * * * One obvious casualty of this ordeal is trust. * * * The members of the Office of the University Ombudsperson have been listening and thinking deeply about our role in facilitating the needed healing and transformation. Our office was crated 50 years ago in a time that was also characterized by a loss of trust. For 50 years we have served as an independent and neutral third party, existing to make sure that students with grievances get a fair and unbiased hearing of those grievances. * * * At this time of organizational crisis and transition, the role of the University Ombudsperson is more important than ever. We stand ready to continue our 50-year mission of listening respectfully and helping students who feel unheard or misused by the university.
(MSU Ombuds Letter; Chronicle of Higher Ed.)

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