March 26, 2018

University of Copenhagen is Home to Country's Only Student Ombuds

In March 2017, Bo Gad Køhlert was appointed as the Student Ambassador at UCPH, Denmark's oldest university. In this role, Køhlert serves nearly 40,000 students by providing confidential and impartial legal advice about academic issues and university procedures. The student-elected member of the University’s Board of Directors offered this explanation of Student Ambassador's role:
“UCPH is a big place with many rules, where you can easily get into difficulties as a student. As an employee you have a union, but the students are left on their own if they, for example, receive incorrect guidance, or if they experience confusing decisions by the study administration. I hope they will be able to take some cases through the student ambassador before they end up as a big complaint case.” The University of Denmark created the program in 2013 and Køhlert is just the second person to hold the job. 

Køhlert has worked in higher education for 15 years and previously was an administrator at Roskilde University. He is a graduate of the University of Copenhagen. (UCPH Student Ambassador; University Post; LinkedIn.)

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