March 07, 2018

Interview of Cal State San Bernardino Ombuds

CSUSB's Ombudsperson Twillea Evans-Carthen was recently interviewed by the campus newspaper. She talked about her role on the campus and how she decided to change professions.  

Q: Why did you become an officer?
A: Well, for the most part, it was a great opportunity for a career change for me after being in HR (Human Resources) for 34 years. Understanding an organization Ombudsman based on my background of understanding the system policies and procedures, campus policies and truly having a clear understanding of state and federal employment laws, I just thought I could help people a little differently. Understanding employee labor relations, it would help me to help people in a safe space to really explore options for them to make a decision that would be helpful to them, making a change… I do my best to help them help themselves.
(Coyote Chronicle.)

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