May 01, 2019

Faculty Ombuds at Pennsylvania State University Posts 2018 Report

Mohamad A. Ansari, the Faculty Ombudsperson at Penn State, gave his annual report last week summarizing the work of Academic Units Ombudspersons across the university in 2017-18. The format of the report is a collection of responses to a survey of the 65 Penn State Ombuds. According to the report, "ombudspersons who had been contacted by the faculty were able to resolve 39 cases out of 90 cases (43.33%)" during the last academic year. The total number of cases was up 2.2% from 2016-17. (Penn State 2018 Ombuds Report.)

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  1. I appreciate and support the desire to establish fair standards for ombuds accountability and outcomes. But I am very uncomfortable with "resolved" as a standard. Even mediators hired to assist with discrete disputes would find success measured in terms of "resolutions" uncomfortable.