July 18, 2008

Berkeley Ombuds for Students Retires

Carmen McKines, the University of California Berkeley's Ombuds for students and postdoctoral appointees, retired last month. The university commemorated her 40-year career with its highest honor, the Berkeley Citation. After serving as Berkeley's first full-time Title IX compliance officer from 1989 to 2002, McKines became a staff Ombuds before helping to expand the Ombuds office for students and postdocs in 2003. She was aptly described as having "an ambassador’s diplomacy, a referee’s fairness, and a psychotherapist’s discretion." (UC Berkeley News.)

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Update: A careful and knowledgeable reader points out that the Berkeley student Ombuds office was actually opened in the 1970's. McKines' immediate predecessor, Kathleen Dickson, was in the position for many years and an active leader for Cal Caucus. When Dickson retired, McKines secured better office space and improved many other aspects of the office.

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