July 01, 2008

Profile of National Grid Ombuds

Kenny Moore left the priesthood 23 years ago and eventually became the Corporate Ombuds for Keyspan. The company was acquired last summer by National Grid, one of the world's largest energy providers. The story of his work with the CEO of Keyspan was the basis of a best-selling business book in 2004. Moore easily reconciles his Corporate Ombuds work with his religious philosophy:
From a business point, a person using their gifts contributes to the bottom line," Moore said. "From a theological point of people using their gifts contribute to common good and betterment of the world."

A company's success is not just measured by profitability, Moore said, but the emotional and spiritual health of its employees. The article also includes a brief history of the Ombuds profession provided by IOA Board member Judy Bruner. (North Jersey Record.)

Moore enunciates the difficulty Ombuds face when attempting to quantify their benefit within the profit-driven corporate model. A financial cost-benefit analysis overlooks the more subtle, but potent effects an Ombuds makes in workplace wellness.

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