September 27, 2009

ICANN Ombuds Releases Fifth Annual Report

The ICANN Ombuds, Frank Fowlie, has published his annual report taking stock of the office and its involvement in conflicts. The report, which is published in six different languages, includes:
  • A summary of the 96 intakes and 31 complaints or requests for assistance received
  • Recommendations on actions to be taken by the ICANN Board
  • Details of outreach and training events
  • Statement on respectful online communication
  • A section on evaluation and recommendations against five Ombuds criteria
  • Statistics on Ombuds activities for the 2008–2009 year
  • Case studies and a description of how the Ombuds’ Office saves ICANN money and staff time by handling persistent complainants
  • A review of the first five years of operations
(ICANN Announcements; ICANN Ombudsman Blog.)

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