September 03, 2009

McGill Names New Ombuds for Students

Ending several months of searching, McGill University has announced the appointment of Spencer Boudreau, PhD as its Ombudsperson for Students, effective September 1, 2009. Boudreau is an Assistant Professor in the Education Department and has served as Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning, and Students for the last six years. He earned his PhD in Religion from Concordia University, MA from Université de Sherbrooke, and BA's from Université de Sherbrooke and Don Bosco College. The McGill Board of Governors recently approved a revised mandate for the Student Ombuds, who is charged with providing an independent, impartial and confidential process for just, fair and equitable resolutions of any University-related concern. (McGill Announcement; Boudreau Profile.)

Update 9/9/09: "I am extremely pleased with Spencer Boudreau as the new ombudsperson," said Provost Anthony Masi. "He is calm, easy-going, listens very well - just an ideal ombudsperson and a university citizen." (McGill Tribune.)

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