September 29, 2009

Directors Appointed to Ombuds Certification Board

The new Board of Certification for Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioners (CO-OP) held its inaugural meeting on September 21, 2009. This signaled the retirement of the IOA Certification Task Force and the launch of the new CO-OP Board of Directors. One of the first tasks that was completed was the election of the Officers of the new organization. They are:
  • Marsha Wagner, President
  • Carolyn Noorbakhsh, Secretary
  • Diane Dorion, Treasurer
The remaining Board members are David Brubaker as the Public Director, Jennifer [Wolf] Moumneh and Al Swenson.

The CO-OP Board will be populating standing committees on Appeals, Eligibility, Finance, Nominating and Professional Practices. In addition, communications and marketing teams will also be established to keep members and the public informed about the Ombuds certification program. People interested in volunteering for the new organization should contact Marsha Wagner (wagner at-sign colombia dot edu) or Carolyn Noorbakhsh (carolyn dot noorbakhsh at-sign nrel dot gov).

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