September 25, 2009

University of Hawai'i Ombuds Posts Final Report

Despite the fact that her office is closing at the end of September, UH Manoa Ombuds Susan Park has released a report covering the 2008-2009 academic year.
To say that 2008-09 was a challenging time for the University of Hawaii at Manoa, as well as for the country and the world, appears a study in euphemism. [...] The Office of the Ombuds did not escape the “challenge” of the times.

The UH Ombuds office handled 338 matters last year, half of which were from students. Notably, the number of cases involving interpersonal disputes continued a three-year trend upward for all UHM populations. The subcategory of incivility was the single highest reported concern brought to the UHM Ombuds Office by far.

Park closes her report with a plea for the Ombuds office to be reopened as soon as possible. “When times are tough and resources are in short supply, an ombuds is of even greater importance to the community,” she said. (
UHM Annual Reports.)

Update 9/30/09: Kaleo (UHM Student Newspaper).

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