September 11, 2009

Navy Marks Ombudsman Appreciation Day

The U.S. Navy celebrates Ombudsman Appreciation Day on September 14 with events at many commands stations. "This will be an opportunity for people around the fleet to stand together and give thanks to those who work tirelessly to improve the readiness of commands and the lives of Sailors and Navy families," said Bobbi West, ombudsman at large. "Without them, we could not do what we do as a Navy." It is estimated that the volunteer Ombuds save the Navy more than $48 million per year.

The Navy Family Ombudsman Program program was introduced September 14, 1970 and assists commanding officers attend to the morale, health, welfare, and efficiency of command personnel. The program enhances the exchange of information and ideas between the leadership of the command and the family members of those serving within the unit. In recent years, the Ombudsman Program has established communication networks for family members and expanded to provide Ombuds in remote, isolated or locations. Navy Ombuds generally complete Ombudsman Basic Training within six weeks of appointment. (Navy News.)

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