March 04, 2013

University of Iowa Advised Ombuds When Responding to Gun Permit Inquiries

An investigation by the Des Moines Register has found that University of Iowa officials gave a county sheriff detailed information about students’ academic progress and behavior, along with the school’s “OK to proceed” on those students’ gun-permit applications. According to an article this weekend, the school’s Ombuds was also given the information by email. The UI Ombuds Office apparently did not respond or forward the emails.

The Register said:
The emails also indicate that while the university ombudsman was informed of students, faculty and staff who had applied for gun permits, no information about those individuals was routed, at least by email, from the ombudsman to Baker or to the campus police. The ombudsman’s office promotes itself as “a safe place,” independent of other university offices, where students and employees can confidentially share any concerns they might have about the school’s ethics “or its policies or procedures.” 
(Des Moines Register.)

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