May 13, 2013

University of Victoria Ombuds Posts 2012 Annual Report, Highlights Issue of 'Fairness'

Martine Conway, the UVic Ombudsperson, said that her office assisted 364 students in the 2012 calendar year. Most of the matters were handled with information, referral, and advice from the Ombuds; less than 10% of cases needed Ombuds intervention. 

Conway also emphasized the role of the Ombuds in promoting fairness on campus. She writes:

Part of the mandate of the ombuds office is to provide a responsive mechanism to help correct situations and ensure that decisions are made fairly. The ombuds office also has a proactive role in promoting fairness to improve the individual experience and to advance strategic goals at the university.
The report includes a 'fairness triangle' (adapted from the work of Ombudsman Saskatchewan), which identified three elements: Relational Fairness; Substantive Fairness; and Procedural Fairness.  "We often think of fairness in terms of procedural safeguards in appeal or complaint processes, but the tools can be used in planning or reviewing any campus activity," Conway said.

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