March 04, 2016

National Government Ethics Summit Will Feature Ombuds

The U.S. Office of Government Ethics will host the 2016 National Government Ethics Summit in Washington, D.C., March 8-10, 2016. One of the many panels will feature two prominent Ombuds on the topic, "Partnering with other Offices to Create an Organizational Culture of Integrity." 

Here's the full description of the session:

To create an organizational culture of integrity, employees need more than awareness of the ethics rules. Employees also need to carry their awareness of an issue through to effective action, in support of broader public service values. Join panelists representing federal Ombuds and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offices in this interactive session where we'll consider and discuss the individual skills and organizational factors that make it easier for employees to speak up and act. Don't know what an Ombuds is? Thought that ADR was only for workplace discrimination cases? This is an opportunity to learn about the work of these offices - including conflict coaching, organizational climate assessment, and informal resolution of workplace concerns - to better leverage each other's strengths.
  • Matilda Brodnax, ADR Attorney, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Scott Deyo, Ombudsman, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • Rita Franklin, Ombudsman, Department of Energy
  • Moderator: Kim Kaplan, Office of Government Ethics
(National Government Ethics Summit Info.)

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