March 03, 2016

U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Publishes 2015 Ombuds Report

Scott Deyo, the NGA Ombudsman, reports that his office had a substantial increase in visitors for the fourth consecutive year: from 2011 to 2015, the annual number of cases increased from 100 to 803. In addition to qualitative and quantitative summaries about his visitors and cases, the report also details organizational changes that better aligned the office with IOA Standards.
First, the office changed its administrative support from the Office of Inspector General to the office of the NGA Director.  The second change occurred when the U.S. Archivist approved a record schedule that allows for the destruction of "temporary records" generated during case work to be destroyed upon resolution of the matter.  

The introduction by NGA Director, Robert Cardillo, is also outsanding:
Team NGA,
The health of our agency can be evaluated by our ability to work together to achieve the immense demands on our Agency as we support our customers. We must embrace diverse viewpoints, leverage our differences, and handle conflicts effectively. To that end, I am proud of the many avenues we have to engage, collaborate, express concerns and participate in continuous improvement—especially during these times of change. One of these key avenues is our NGA Ombudsman.
The Ombudsman provides a neutral, confidential, informal and independent forum for all employees to address issues related to the agency's mission, policies and practices. The Ombudsman office reinforces our core values of excellence, accountability, respect, teamwork and honesty—which must be at the heart of all we do.
Please continue to use the Ombudsman (and all other available resources) to raise concerns and share innovative ways to change and sustain improvements to our core operations, business processes and workplace culture. We can only grow and improve through the continued and full input of our entire team.
The NGA Ombuds office also includes Associate Ombudsmen, Guy Weber and Mollie BergThe full report is online and available to the public.  (NGA Ombuds 2015 Report.)

Deyo is also currently the Chair of the Coalition of Federal Ombudsman.

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