September 26, 2016

University of Iowa Ombuds Publishes 30th Annual Report

Iowa's two University Ombuds, Cynthia Joyce the staff Ombudsperson and Susan Johnson, Professor of Medicine and faculty Ombudsperson, report that their office handled 606 visitor matters last year. Although the number of cases has hovered around 600 in the past few years, the total has increased significantly since 2005-06, when there were 256 cases. 

Johnson told the Cedar Rapids Gazette the increase could be the result of marketing and awareness. However, the Ombuds report notes a number of significant university-wide issues that may have also contributed to the increased traffic.  The report data also show women and racial/ethnic minorities used the Ombuds office in significantly higher rates.  (U Iowa Ombuds 30th Report; Cedar Rapids Gazette.)

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