September 27, 2016

Video Offers Insights on Practice of Gallaudet University's Ombuds

This month , Gallaudet University will be the local host for the national tour of "First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare." Gallaudet's University Ombuds, Liz Stone, has posted a video tied to the event that imagines how she would work with Shakespearean characters: Cesario from "Twelfth Night" and Claudio and Hero from "Much Ado About Nothing."
Stone demonstrates her work: explaining the principles of her office; giving her visitors a safe space to talk about their concerns, asking insightful questions; and facilitating honest dialog.  Although staged, the vignettes offer a glimpse into the work of an Ombuds that is often hard to find.  (YouTube.)

I can't recommend this video enough! It seems like an excellent outreach tool. It is topical, succinct, entertaining, and probably inexpensive.

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