April 04, 2018

Registration Opens for 2018 Summer Academic Ombuds Meeting

The University of Iowa is set to host the 16th Annual Summer Academic Ombuds Meeting on June 25-26. The Summer Meeting provides an opportunity for academic Ombuds to become better acquainted, to share concerns unique to our professional environments, and to support and learn from each other’s experiences in a relatively-intimate, informal setting. The conference is preceded by a workshop for new academic Ombuds. It is an absolute bargain for a professional development event.

New Academic Ombuds Workshop
Monday, June 25, 2018

Presented by Dave Carver and Kerry Egdorf



Role of the New Ombuds: Overview

Standards of Practice: Application to Academic Setting

Fishbowl Role Play: Small Group Discussions

Setting the Stage for a Productive Ombuds Interview


Role Plays


2018 Summer Academic Ombuds Meeting

Monday, June 25th, 2018 – Day One

Keynote – "Why We Love Ombudsing and Why That Matters," Susan R. Johnson, University Ombudsperson, The University of Iowa

Hot Topics


Tuesday, June 26, 2018 – Day One

Welcome – Interim Executive Vice President and Provost Susan J. Curry

Keynote – "Abrasive Conduct in Academe and the Role of the Ombuds," Hector Escalante, University of the Pacific

Plenary – "Ombuds’ Role in the Normalization of Deviance," Sarah Klaper, Ombudsperson, Northern Illinois University

Common Reading Discussion – “I Was Just Thinking About Ombuds Questioning Authority” by Don Noack, Shannon Lynn Burton, Associate University Ombudsperson, Michigan State University


Business Meeting

Plenary – "A Seat at the Table: EMU's Lived Experience in Integrating Ombuds Work into the Institution," Julia Heck, Associate Director, Office of the Ombuds, Eastern Michigan University

Pleneary – Time Management and Organization for Organizational Ombuds, Susan R. Johnson, University Ombudsperson, The University of Iowa

Closing Remarks – Cynthia Joyce, University Ombudsperson, The University of Iowa

Optional Group Dinner

The new Ombuds workshop costs $80 and the conference costs $85, including lunches. (2018 Summer Academic Ombuds Meeting.)

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