April 10, 2018

Resolution of Student Protest at Howard University May Lead to New Ombuds

A nine-day long protest by students at the private university over a financial aid money scandal was resolved when administrators agreed to most of the students' demands. Among the concessions was an agreement to student input on the selection of an Ombuds. However, it is not clear what this means for the current Student Ombuds.

According to a statement from Howard's press office:
Students will have a voice in selecting the student ombudsperson. The ombudsperson will be a graduate student who will be located in the Blackburn Center, and will report to the VP for Student Affairs and is expected to attend the Board Student Life and Affairs Committee meetings to make reports.
Yet Howard University has had a Student Ombuds since 2015: Calvin Hadley. His role does not follow prevailing model for University Ombuds. Hadley view himself as an advocate for students and also serves as Senior Advisor to the President for Strategic Initiatives. The university's announcement does not provide any details or indicate the impact on Hadley. (Howard University Newsroom.)

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