May 01, 2007

Opinion: UMKC Prof Opposes Intellectual Diversity Ombuds

The Kansas City Star features an editorial by Stephen John Dilks, an associate professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Dilks urges State legislators to carefully evaluate the consequences of the pending Intellectual Diversity bill (HB 213). In particular, Dilks points out that:
One “intellectual diversity ombudsman” at each public college and university in Missouri would cost at least $2 million per year in salaries and benefits. Add the salaries and costs of support staff and the figure approaches $5 million per year.

(Kansas City Star; related post Update: Missouri House Committee Passes "Intellectual Diversity" Bill.)

It sure would be nice to see where these figures are coming from. According to Wikipedia, there are 14 public, four-year colleges and universities. This would indicate that the ombuds would earn nearly $143,000 per annum in salary and benefits.

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