May 28, 2007

UPDATE: Effort to Pass Shield Law Comes Up Short in Texas

The Texas bill to create an ombuds privilege ended without a full Senate vote this weekend. The bill, HB 3578, was under consideration by the Senate Jurisprudence Committee when the Texas legislature adjourned its biennial session in partisan rancor. Although the ombuds bill garnered no attention in the mainstream press, it received a unanimous vote in the House and a favorable reaction in committee hearings. (HB 3578 History; Houston Chronicle.)

Overall, there should be considerable satisfaction for the success that was achieved.

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  1. Excellent support in the house! Certainly this bodes well for the future. Many thanks to those ombudspersons who actively worked on this!

  2. Even though this was potentially the most important development for organizational ombuds in years, this news still hasn't gone out to the IOA members. Why not?

  3. I'm just reviewing the blog. Great source for up to date news. I'm disappointed by the outcome. It would indeed by nice to hear from IOA officially.