June 12, 2007

Grad Student's Perspective on Visiting Ombuds

A graduate/medical student at the University of Washington has written about his intention to visit the UW ombuds and promises to post details in the future. I'll be following his blog for his perspective on the process. (Hope for Pandora.)

Updated: The comments to the original post provide further details of the meeting with the UW ombuds.


  1. I met this morning with Lois Price Spratlen, and have summarized the meeting to the extent I am comfortable without violating confidentiality. You can read my comment on the initial post.

    If all ombuds are as good listeners and helpful counselors as she was for me, I see the importance of your positions in large (or even not-so-large) institutions.

  2. You may also want to add our school's office to your link list under education.