June 04, 2007

Yolo County Ombuds Arrested for Plotting Overthrow of Laotian Government

The ombudsman for Yolo County has been charged, along with eight others, with plotting a violent overthrow of Laos' communist government. Harrison Jack, who has been Yolo's ombuds since March of this year, was accused of acting as an arms broker and organizer. Prosecutors said that the conspirators hoped to recruit a mercenary force and buy enough weapons to equip a small army. (Mercury News; Los Angeles Times.)

A Yolo County spokesperson said officials were shocked to hear that their new ombuds had been indicted. "We're completely dumbfounded," spokesperson Beth Gabor said. "We did a background check, but obviously it wouldn't show an ongoing investigation."

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  1. I generally try to send an email to new ombuds when I post a story about their appointment, but I was never able to get an address for this guy. Probably would have been a lost cause. I'm guessing he's not an empathetic peacemaker.