June 28, 2007

Update: Red Cross Head Responds to Criticism Over Appointment of Ombuds

In an interview with the Chronicle of Philanthropy, newly appointed Red Cross CEO Mark Everson addressed concerns over his pick for Red Cross ombudsman. (Trent Stamp, president of Charity Navigator, a nonprofit watchdog, had questioned the choice of Everson's his former chief of staff at the IRS, Beverly Ortega Babers, to the job.)
Mr. Everson brushed off such concerns. “Beverly has a strong independent voice,” he says. “If she tells me there’s a problem, I will know there’s a problem. She will have the absolute license to see what’s going on.”

(Chronicle of Philanthropy.)

Let's hope this reassurance of independence is memorialized in a charter or terms of reference.

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  1. Tom-

    I had an opportunity to sit down with Mr. Everson last week, and shared my concerns, as well as yours (I quoted you by name).

    As a layman in this area, I must admit that I'm a bit out of my league, but it still seems to me like he doesn't "get it", at least not when it comes to the true role and responsibilities of an ombudsman.

    Check out the interview here: http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm/bay/content.view/cpid/624

    or through my blog at