January 19, 2009

Eaton Unveils Ombuds Info in Chinese

The Office of the Ombuds for the Eaton Corp. has updated its website to include pages in traditional and simplified Chinese. The Eaton Ombuds now offers information in the five primary languages of its employees, including Spanish and Portuguese, which were added in 2007. The site also features an outstanding video about the Ombuds program introduced by Eaton's chairman and CEO, and starring Eaton's former Ombuds director, Karla Hager. (Eaton Ombuds sites: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.)

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Eaton has made a substantial commitment to make its Ombuds program known and available to all of its stakeholders. No other Organizational Ombuds has translated its services into so many languages. Eventually, it should be standard practice for Ombuds to have information in the primary languages of their organization.

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