July 21, 2010

African Development Bank Ombuds Increases Capacity

AfDB Ombuds Amabel Orraca-Ndiaye has issued an annual report to Bank staff outlining key areas of the office’s main activities last year. The report emphasizes that the Ombuds office will continue to play to create increased group cohesion in the institution.

According to a press release from AfDB, 2009 was a successful year for the Ombuds office, given the institution’s current context of growth in diversity. The Ombuds office handled 100 cases Bank-wide and the program continued to evolve by consolidating and building on established initiatives and activities. Ndiaye commended Bank staff who have understood the need to come over to her office to share views with her collaborators. “When staff take the pain to visit us, it is a sign of confidence in the informal recourse system and that has really helped us to prevent a number of conflicts,” she said. The AfDB Ombuds office was created in 1992 and Ndiaye was appointed in late 2009. (AfDB News.)

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