July 01, 2010

BP Targeting Its Internal Ombuds Program

CNN is reporting exclusively that BP has been trying to shut down its Ombudsman program. According to "sources close to the office" and Rep. Bart Stupak, the Ombuds office headed by retired federal judge Stanley Sporkin has been targeted for closure. (CNN.)
Meanwhile, Truthout is reporting that Sporkin gave Congress misleading or false information in response to an investigation about North Slope safety concerns.  (Truthout.)

I am somewhat skeptical that the BP Ombuds is in imminent danger. When the chairman of a congressional subcommittee investigating your company has your number on speed dial, it would unwise to fire the Ombudsman you hired up under pressure from lawmakers. BP should be motivated to keep Sporkin close and reduce any incentive for him to become a witness at the next round of congressional hearings.

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  1. Tom, this piece is interesting and talks about the history and the possible future of the Ombudsman program at BP -- it sheds a bit more light into what may have been in the works for the program, but with all this attention, things might change: http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/06/30/gulf.bp.ombudsman/index.html